Where have I been?!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action lately, but I have had a few projects on the go, one of which is my first article with Mum Central! Please, please, please share this around! As always, I really appreciate your support and the more love I get, the bigger the opportunities for me!

Breast Milk Boosting: What You Can do to Increase Milk Supply!

I’m also working on another exciting adventure which I can’t reveal just yet, but stay tuned! It’s dedicated to all those NICU babes out there and it’s my way of giving back and helping those who may go through a similar journey to us in the future.

I’m half way through a premmie-specific article for you all and am hoping to get it up on here by the end of the week.

Thanks for helping to share my articles to all those that need the support and reassurance. I love that James is the happy ending that people need to hear – we are forever grateful ♥